Sunday, July 23, 2006

All She Wants To Do Is Dance!

Conn doesn't think she's awesome. I think she's amazing. What do you think? I mean look at her! She's totally into it.
Thanks Chris!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE HER! Smart AND dancy. A great gal!

John said...

i also love how she's also kind of nerdy, proudly sporting her groovy eyeglasses. it says, "this is smart dance music for smart people"

Anonymous said...

From the East to the West, bounce a big chest.
City to city, bounce them big titties.

I agree with whoever thinks she's fabulicious (it was posted by Conn, but it sounds like John wrote it).

baffle said...

you may not have realized this, but the album features two (early 1960's) hong kong flm stars!
with a troupe of other type cast actors, ms. plump n' bespectacled and mr. handsome-slick-hair acted in quite a few 'modern lite comedies' (as opposed to 'classic operetta' films, which was another popular genre at the time).

their roles reflect their appearance on this cover: ms. plump was nerdy comic relief and mr. handsome always got the (prettier and much slimmer) girl.
i saw most of their movies in sf chinatown back then, so this album cover brought back fond memories.