Friday, August 18, 2006


OK... I know this is not new, but after being in Indiana last week and talking to friends and family I am still surprised that more people have not gone to see this film. An Inconvenient Truth is a must see. Click here to find out WHAT YOU CAN DO to reduce your impact at home. Spread the word.


Anonymous said...

We thought we'd wait for the DVD and go to Blockbuster in our Hummer to rent it.

Did you know being vegan does more for the environment than driving a higher m.p.g. car? That's a convenient truth for me.

Anonymous said...

Is this a sequel to Madonna's movie Truth or Dare? I'm sooo exccited. I cant wait to see it!!

Conn said...

yeah yeah... good for you and your veagn self.
good for you. at least someone is doing something.
thank you.

and no parnell it's not sequel... that is so yesterday... it's a PREQUEL!