Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I've been meaning to add this post for a few weeks. Please stop by my friend and photographer JASON FRANK ROTHENBERG'S site and enjoy the quiet beauty of his photographs. I happen to be the proud and lucky owner of this image. Thanks Jason!


Lauren said...

hurray for jason! we are huge fans!

baffle said...

A great photograph indeed.
Is it a train steam engine beyond the trees or a fire?

I'm in fire-mode, as I live in the forest, and t'is the season. Currently, there is a forest fire burning which has been difficult to contain. It is a bit scary. Two days ago, I saw a panoramic view of the area, and there was a huge cloud of brown smoke billowing from the burning trees on the mountains.

I love your photo, but it does remind me how easily the delicate balance of nature's sweetness and 'her' fury can be upset.

Conn said...

It is a fire. I forget where it was, but he was riding a bike along this road when he noticed the fire.
I love this photo too.. not really sure why. Perhaps it's the mystery as to how it started and what is really going on behind the trees.

Anonymous said...

outside a little cobblestoned town called Cepeda, in Spain.
on my way to a wedding, in fact. such an honor to be here Conn!