Sunday, September 10, 2006


Again I found myself organizing stuff and ran across these wedding photo's from the 60's / 70's that I bought from a thift shop in Santa Monica. Don't ask me why I bought them... I just had to have them. They couldn't be more dull if they tried. Look at the sad curtains on the windows and the shot with Dad is just creepy with that small bit of door showing. Mom looks like she had a doll or two and the Bride and Maid of Honor look as if they are the ones getting married.

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Anonymous said...

conn: what it the connection to alvin lustig? did he take these photos? hope you are having a good weekend. i saw the book john edited the other day at the whitney, where they have a 75 anniversary special exhibit and a big part of it was devoting the entire 5th floor (i think it was) to edward hopper , putting all or almost all the paintings of his they own on exhibit, i thought i dies and went to heaven.i love hopper, i cannot think of an american painet that captures the human condition in paintings like him. if you have not seen it yet, you might want to wait till the 28th when what should be an intersting exhibit on/of picasso and his influence on 20th century american artists will start. next for hopper is to go to boston where they will have a 100 paintings exhibit at the museum of fine arts stating in may. i am preparing the kids already. take care and regards to john, next time i am in the studio i will tell you my brush with raquel welsh's fame, vanity and idicoy.