Saturday, October 14, 2006


Amy Sedaris will be on the boobtube this week to promote her new book I LIKE YOU. I just got my copy Yesterday and it is OUTRAGEOUS! It really is full of helpful entertaining tips. Here are a few of the paintings I did for the book.

TODAY SHOW - Monday October 16th.
JON STEWART - Tuesday October 17th
MARTHA - Monday October 23rd.


baffle said...

thanks for the Amy schedule.
Will try to catch her on Martha.

I luv your paintings. The pot looks like one from my Revereware with the copper-bottom collection that I am loathe to give up after using them for the past 35 years. I'm trying to get updated to the cool-guy n' gal All-Clad set, but that may take another 35 years to collect.
And does it 'go' with my beloved cast iron pieces? Should I mixy mixy?

Is it too late to say 'Happy Birthday Slightly Belated' to a sweet boy like you?
Happy Birthday Sweet Boy.

Conn said...

I have only the one Revere pot that is in the painting.
It was my great grandmother's and i use it all the time, so i think it's ok to mix. I just love that pot.

Thanks for the birthday wishes.
It's never too late... sometimes it's fun to drag it out a little while.