Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Well here I am in all my glory with my brother when we lived at Port-O-Call apartments in Indianapolis, Indiana circa 1970. As you can tell we have been brought to tears at the thought of throwing our Halloween pumpkin in the trash. Now come to think of it, were we sad because we were throwing the pumpkin away or because we had to have our STUPID PICTURE TAKEN WITH A PUMPKIN? Whatever the reason, I really love this photo. Oh yeah... what's with the cap guns?


baffle said...

Sad boys!
As an adult, you can make up for having to toss out ol' Mr. jack O' Lantern by saving any pumpkins just as long as you want.
Until they grow fuzzy green beards and collapse upon themselves.

P.S. I luv the name of the apartments: Port-O-Call. Sounds like beachfront/waterfront property. In Indiana?

Conn said...

As a teen in Jr. High I only wanted the really warty pumpkins... loved those!
As for the apartments... they were in between the interstate and a wheat field.

Anonymous said...

I love it!! You and Chris were so cute!! Sad but cute!!

Conn said...

Were?! What are you talking about... WERE!
haha...can you believe it!
It just cracks me up!