Saturday, November 18, 2006


Here are some art trading cards I made. They are meant to be self-portraits. I broke out the Xyron sticker maker to affix . I love that thing! After years of cursing the glue stick and the mess it left, this thing is the antidote. See, I like to get really good stick-factor on the edges. It's just let down when they bubble up. So trying to glue tiny pieces is not the futile pursuit it once was. But of course this convienience comes at a price. The replacement cartridges aren't cheap and they are a serious disposal concern. The idea behind these was to basically gather my favorites. The backgrounds are cut up pieces of an offset-printed Charlie Harper print. I chose them because he is my all time favorite artist. Green is my favorite color. Animals like bunnys, kittens, birds. Hawaii. And, as Conn will most assuredly attest, shiny, colorful things that have an interactive aspect.


Anonymous said...

i love
i luv
i luff
your art makes me feel smiley happy delighted in awe


Lauren said...

they are all amazing! i love that you were able to incorporate charley harper art AND candy wrappers. two of my favorite things!

John said...

thanks to you both. how sweet. speaking of sweet, i know what you mean about the wrappers--for me and my love of candy i get 2 bangs for my buck! delicious graphics and a tasty treat.

Anonymous said...

I just had another (closer, more studied) look at these artworks.
I'm SOOOOO jealous of everyone who received one!
I received one, and I'm even jealous of me!
Go figure.

Derek said...

Love them all!!!
(especially mine, heehee!!!)

Anonymous said...

oh. my. THE SET OF THEM ALL TOGETHER is dazzling! perhaps one day all the ATCs will be reunited like in this photo

and, I've never used my little xyron. now I need to try it out. I always get so sticky with glue sticks.

Magda said...

john, please get a life. pick up a free basing. I love free basing. My mother always told me u meet the most interesting people that way.