Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Not Christo's Gates, Angelo GIordani's gates. First, excuse the blurry pics, i was recovering from a Thanksgiving turkey hangover so my hands weren't as steady as normal. These pics show the finished gates that my brother designed and created for a local homeowner in Kerhonkson, NY. He also installed them and hooked them up to an automatic opening mechanism. It was interesting to see how he had to time the closing so that one closed a few seconds before the other one. And he didn't stop there. The posts that had been there were out of sync with the new design so he made some more decorative moulding that fit over the posts.

These are pics of the gates in the shop. It took him about a year to make and hang them. He even created his own forge and curlie-cue forms to heat the steel and bend it. He then welded all the pieces together. He really enjoys working with metal.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I love seeing artisans at work in the "internetsuperhighway" world. They move electrically but, are they wired? I would hate to see a passing bunny or fedex employee get some major whattage!

Please define: Kerhonkson

John said...

hahaha--oh parnkornkikii. kerhonkson defies definition. why i would simply be out of my league were i to even atttempt to describe the myriad facets of that upstate New York hamlet. At once rough, then bequilingly quaint. Yes the gates are wired. And my brother even fashioned little clips and tacked them along one of the horizontal pieces just to hold said wiring.