Sunday, November 12, 2006


I took this picture when we were on vacation this summmer with the intent of blogging about it as soon as we got home. Well here we are several month's later, and after my nature post for today I thought this would be fitting. NEWMAN'S OWN ORGANICS and NEWMAN'S OWN have always been responsible companies and I was excited to learn about the environmentally friendly packaging they are using.
They work with a company called NATURE WORKS for the packaging of their products which are derived from 100-percent annually renewable resources, such as corn. Along with producing biodegradable products like bottles, floral wrap, food / deli containers, bowls, plates and cutlery - they also have a new fiber called INGEO FIBER. The Fiber is the world's first man-made fiber derived from 100 percent annually renewable resources and is an environmentally preferable option to petroleum-based synthetic materials. Agian... I know it's hard to get all these changes to take hold in today's world, but it's a start.


Anonymous said...

Loves it darling! I had that same salad just last night. I go to a very chic and XXXpensive cheese store here in LA. all of there containers are 100% naturale, containers made of corn products, potato products etc.. its FAB.

Conn said...

Yes... That is FAB!!!!
I loves it too.

baffle said...

I Loves Paul Newman.