Thursday, December 14, 2006


I guess about 8 years ago, my friend Chrystine organized a Gingerbread House party. Well, more like a small workshop. Ok, there were only three of us including our host. Though we were a small group, we managed to churn out 7 houses that day. And had an insanely fun time doing it. I was surrounded by candy, how could I not have fun. We used ice cream cones for trees and we melted hard candy for stained glass windows. And because I had to see the effect to it's fullest, I cut out holes in the cardbpard bases so we could put lights inside and see the colored windows alight. The last image is of Chrystine as a very cooperative teenager. She unenthusiastically dressed as a Christmas Tree for her Granny and this picture cracks me up because you can see the teen angst in her expression. "If i remain perfectly still, no one will notice me in this ridiculous costume"


Anonymous said...

Wicked house! I love the Cher mannequin playing the harp in the still photo from the "Bonanza" film set.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Tis me in a lesser state of ability to say NO - I WILL NOT BE THE LIVING CHRISTMAS TREE ONE MORE YEAR!!! and shortly after this picture was taken, Grandma died of a heart attack and EVEN THEN i went BACK to the Hermitage and Stood as still as possible to freak out all the old stooges Drunk on buckets of Wassail!
But tis also lovely to see the cookie houses - i hope that in February you'll put up our Love Shack Cookie House collection!! Yay US!