Friday, December 01, 2006


The Pleiades Gallery is having a show featuring the work of Ellen Bradshaw one of which you see here. It's called Winter Trees, Southbridge Towers, 20x16" oil on canvas. I was completely drawn in by her winter cityscapes. Part of it is the quick and colorful style that is in essence what John Sloan and his contemporaries did in order to capture the ever changing scenes of New York City. Though their work doesn't resonate with me as much as Bradshaws. Part of it is the way these scenes are snap shots of that magical but all too short period of time when the snow covers the city in pure white-uniting all the disparate surfaces under one clean layer. As most New Yorkers know, that doesn't last very long. But since they are not photographic snapshots, they strike me more as mental snapshots that mirror what I see when I conjur up memories of this time in New York. And there are times when the streets were as quiet as they seem in the paintings...when no one had ventured out into the snow and the streets were blissfully void of people. And since those moments are fleeting at best, it nice to find an artist that so wholly captures them.
Thanks to Manhattan Users Guide.

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Anonymous said...

This pretty picture makes me want to go there for a stroll. I would be warmly dressed, of course.