Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Well the Holiday sesaon is upon us and 'tis time for shopping.
Remember to head over to THE CURIOSITY SHOPPE
for some really great gifts. Hurry because things are flying off the site. I just sent out some mushroom ornaments and necklaces so keep an eye out for those. The acorn necklaces have sold out 3 times and we cannot keep them stocked. This weekend I will be making more to keep them going through the holidays. John has sold all of his keychains and the re-order was gone before they even hit the shoppe. John is also gearing up for a weekend of keychain making.
Here is a sneak peek at the ornaments which are sold in sets of 3 and necklaces.


Anonymous said...

I just love the mushroom ornaments. You are sooo damn creative, I can hardly stand it:) Love your sis!

Anonymous said...

Shrooms come to an entire new level. Loves It ! I knew my Christmas Tree was missing something.

Anonymous said...

I saw your mushroom ornaments close-up and personal the other day.

Adorable and bee-yoo-ti-full and well-made.
Sculpey (?)(so sez CGS owner) never ever looked sooooooooo good!

Conn said...