Wednesday, January 17, 2007


This is a close-up of December's ATC, Sound of Music is the theme. I sketched this kooky contraption in my sketch book a while back and i just thought that it visually represented an animated musical suite in my mind. I imagine that this machine runs with with some sort of fancy dancy syncopation. We created them by cutting out all the shapes from sticky Pantone color overlays using an xacto knife. Conn helped out.

These are the January ATC's that we just sent out. The theme is Color My World. At first I wanted to do a stylized map of green and blue textures. That wasn't successful. Then I turned to a box of Martha Stewart paint swatches. I always liked the striped color combinations and with my penchant for interior decor (Conn is laughing) coupled with a recent clip I'd seen of Martha extolling the virtues of versatile paint over permanent wallpaper I thought them a fitting example of coloring ones world. I also like the high-falutin' names they give these colors like, sandstone and beach glass, so I used the names as criteria in choosing which color swatches to use. Only those whose names referenced vaguely Hawaiian things made the cut. Throw some vellum in the printer and voilá!


m.e.m. said...

Hey, they look real groovy...but what is an ATC?

baffle said...

I stopped in and saw ATCs. Read on and realized I was getting a sneak peek!


Lucky me to have gotten one of dose and will now be getting one of dose.