Thursday, February 22, 2007


Well... we're off! The container came this morning, was loaded in a mere 2 hours and is now on it's way to meet up with us in Maui. It goes by rail to LA and and leaves there by ship on March 3rd. Arriving in Honolulu then on to Maui on March 13th. And get this, without any planning at all, it should arrive the exact same day we do! Fingers and toes! More soon.

All lined up in the hallway.
We really lucked out with a prime parking spot right in front of the service entrance to the building... and no ticket!
The conatiner and a look back up at the apartment.
Packed to Pussy's Bow. With room to spare. And we were worried that what we had it edited down to would not fit. NICE!
And this is how it will look sailing across the Pacific. Hopefully we will not suffer a peril at sea... i.e. the container jumping ship.

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