Saturday, February 17, 2007


Thursday was the last day of work for John and I. We both had hysterical going away gatherings at Waikiki Wally's on the Lower East Side. Friday we rented a U-haul and unloaded the storage unit in Chelsea which was more of a nightmare than we expected. It was freezing and snow was piled everywhere. The drive from the apartment to the unit took 45 minutes each way in horrible traffic and we made 3 trip across town. In all we thought we would spend 3 hours and we ended up taking 6...YES 6 HOURS!!!! If we would of had to do that drive everyday we would killed ourselves long ago! Yeah... we made 3 trips up the freight elevator and it just goes back out on Thursday. Well we asked for it.

As I was packing today I looked out the terrace door and saw our little Garden Gnome peeking out of the snow beneath the Japanese Maple...That is how we felt yesterday... except we were buried in storage crap. What was I thinking...keeping that storage unit? I got rid of about half of what was in there. Word to the wise... if you are thinking of putting stuff in a storage unit, I say forget it. It will just be out of sight and out of mind.

The countdown is on...6 days left in NYC.


Parnell Corder said...

I cant believe you left your gnome outside all winter. You're EVIL.
Yeah, storage facilities give people a false sense of place and belonging. Move it out!, sell it!, burn it!

baffle said...


From urban snowland to rural tropical sunshine island.

With a month in-between-y to get used to the idea and change of weather.

It is the freakiest coolest move ever.

Sorry to hear about the crazy hours involved in moving 'stuff'.

And poor l'il garden gnome. Will he be making the move too? Soon to bask in and amongst banana and bird of paradise plants?