Saturday, March 24, 2007


So this is it! We bought this cute Atomic Blue Honda Element on Friday night. We had been looking at cars since we arrived and we were getting overwhelmed. Car shopping sucks. Fist we said we were going to get a Toyota pick-up but that did not suit us. We thought about the FJ Cruiser but the MPG on that is rotten. Then we moved on to the Nissan Xterra in bright yellow. That was a cute ride, but a pretty big one and not so good on the MPG either, not to mention the sticker shock. We looked at a few used lots and nothing. Feeling run over from the sleazy salesmen, we made one last stop into the shared Jeep and Honda lot to look at the Jeeps. We parked near the Element and took a look... never making it to the Jeep side. John took it for a spin and it was nice. It was the last they had and the salesman said what if we make you an incredible offer? We said ok make us an offer. So we go in and sit down and fill out some forms and the guy says, Now, what would you feel comfortable paying for this car?" to which I said.... OH NO - YOU WERE GOING TO MAKE US AN INCREDIBLE OFFER, SO MAKE US THE OFFER. He was a little shocked and said "well I need to take a number to my boss". I said no... the deal was YOU MAKE US THE OFFER AND WE SEE IF WE LIKE IT. So off he went and came back with a pretty good offer... the best we had all week, but we just had to get him down a bit more and we did. YAY! 4 hours later we left the Honda lot with our new ride!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! I'm so proud of your Atomic Coconut Blue car. Hooray! Love ya, Joan