Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Walking around the garden today we spotted this healthy caterpillar munching away on our Giant Milkweed and we didn't mind at all because that's really what it's there for. In fact, there were quite a few babies feeding. It provides us with a steading stream of colorfully fluttering residents. I did some research and found out that milkweeds are poisonous and are considered, well, a weed! But this is a tree-sized weed that looks as if it's had a long life. And today was really all about weeding. I broke out the weedwhacker to tackle some pesky edge trimming and sweeping. I got a bit to into it though and started clearing out the fallow garden beds. We lost an onion. Poor onion. But we plan on planting the Maui kind in it's place. So then we decided to just start making sense out of these garden beds by, what else, weeding! ugh. We managed to make some good progress thanks to the loose soil.

Weeding as the sun was going down.

Sorry for the blurry shot. It was getting dark.


Lauren said...

wow- you guys are working hard! is that a monarch butterfly caterpillar?

baffle said...


Is that your soil?!?
It looks fantabulouso!

I miss good soil.
In a few places we've lived, it was OK/not bad.

Then for years and years we had soil with so much clay that it was rock hard in the summer and like quicksand in the winter. No matter how much conditioning, it would revert to the clay state.

Your soil looks good enough to bag n' sell! I must be a pleasure to work in.
No small wonder the plants are thriving.


baffle said...

Oops - IT must be a pleasure to work in!