Friday, March 16, 2007


This afternoon while I was standing in our conatainer, I was being serenaded by the most impossibly red cardinal I have ever seen. He sat atop a 50 foot Cook Island Pine singing his heart out.

Click the images to see larger.

Also, here is a shot of the baby blue plastic adirondack chairs we bought. I just love them and the only thing better would be if they were orange.

A view of one of the banana patches near sunset.

Self Portrait. And no... I have not combed my hair ALL DAY!

A tangerine tree.

John with his prize tangerine.

And finally, this HATEFUL looking spider was hanging out in the rafters of the deck this afternoon and when I saw it I almost died. Notice the top part of that beam is 4" wide so that means the spider was at least 4" across. So I turned my back on it and when I turned back around it lowered itself eye level with me and I swear it licked it's chops! It was me or the spider... guess who lost! I mean you had to be there. The way it lowered itself was so surreal and sinister like right out of a cartoon.

That's all for today.


Anonymous said...

Can't see the damn spider!! Did you already kill it before you took the pic?

Anonymous said...

Kim and Joan

Conn said...

HAHA...No one said anything about cat eating spiders when we signed up for this!

m.e.m. said...

Dude, did you had to move all the way to Hawaii so that you don't have to comb your hair? Like, we wouldn't have minded, ya know?

baffle said...

If you truly wish for an orange-color Adirondack plastic chair, there's always Krylon spray paint for plastic:

Personally, I like me the look of haole boy wid da kine disheveled hairdo...

P.S. Arrrgh to big bug spider-action!!!

Bennett said...

Thats so cool you can pick friut in your backyard and eat it