Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Well it started off as a beautiful day. We went to a new beach that ended up being quite lovely and calm. Baby Beach (which is part of Baldwin Beach) has a natural tide break that makes for easy dipping.

I really wanted to go up to the summit of Haleakala to see the sunset. It is such a spectacular sight, I thought that would be a good way to end the day. But, as is always the case on my Birthday, it was raining! I thought for sure, being 10,000 feet up would put us above the clouds. So no pretty sunset, but we got some evocative shots regardless.

Here's Conn braving the cold, wet, and windy conditions at the summit Vistor's Center parking lot.

A small patch of blue and a cinder cone.
The observation deck at the 10,023 foot summit.

Coming down the mountain we did get some interesting sunset action. Lots of crazy clouds. That's Ma'alaea coastline in the distance.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday (Belated) John. I am glad you had a great birthday, minus the sunset let down. The shots are amazing howeverm despite the clouds and rain.

Cant wait to come back...SOON!!!

Love ya,

baffle said...

Looks like a lovely lookout up past the mist.
What an absolutely wonderful birthday drive!


Don't reckon that I'm ever going to stop my exclamations of *hit! You guys *uckin* LIVE here! when'ere I see your pix of the island 'hood.
Love it
Love you
as I'm
getting to know you...