Thursday, April 19, 2007


Yesterday I popped into town to get a few groceries and a dessert treat. I came across this cute package and had to buy it. What is it you ask? Well...IT'S IT and it is 2 oatmeal cookies with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and the whole thing is dipped in dark, YES DARK chocolate. When I was checking out, the lady at the register said" Oh we have these again? Everyone has been asking for these." I told her I had never had them before and she said " you are in for a treat". They are good, but I have to say the packaging is better. And the name just kills me.


Parnell Corder said...

It Is It: at no price, Cash Money

Anonymous said...

I'm diggin' the packaging for It's-It and am also curious about the hyphen.

And so, they have a website, naturally. Turn's out It's-It is a San Francisco treat, born in 1928:

How did It's It get it's name?

••Although nobody knows for sure, there are two stories that have been told. The first story recalls how the inventor, George Whitney, yelled "It's It" when he tasted the oatmeal cookie, vanilla ice cream and chocolate combination. The second story goes back to the old cow races that were held near Playland-at-the-Beach. One day, a cow named "It" won the race. Someone asked who came first, and the answer was "It's IT". George Whitney liked that.••

So, there you go.

Love your blog, Conn.


Anonymous said...

Hi Conn!
this post struck me with such a pang of homesick blues that I have not experienced in so long! It's Its are such a wonderful California treat, and I can't believe they don't exist in NYC. My brother in law's wedding featured hundreds of these stacked in a pile as the "wedding cake". genius!
xoxo, ellen

Anonymous said...

i just had my first one here in sf a few weeks ago--too good, yeah?
one of our graphic artists recently designed a tee with an it's-it on it.

Anonymous said...

they sold those at my junior high! maybe because they're from sf? but I've never had one! I just remember everyone else eating them...