Friday, May 25, 2007


Here are the lovely Surinam Cherries from our new tree. They have to be picked when they are perfectly ripe (the darkest red possible) otherwise they are rather tart. These cherries have a wonderful spiciness to them followed by slight sourness. Tonight I mashed them up and poured them over our new favorite ice cream by Roselani - Haupia (coconut pudding) and topped it all off with whipped cream and of course a Surinam Cherry. It is like eating a cloud of coconut! Roselani also makes my 2nd new favorite ice cream - Banana Mac Crunch (Banana Ice Cream, Mac Nuts & Toffee Brittle). I mean really! Can't wait until I can have more Haupia tomorrow night.


baffle said...

I can't stand it!
Too diiiiiiiiiiie for!

If I ate food this good (and beautiful), I could fill my muumuu right proper!

Anonymous said...

Could you have ANY MORE TIME ON YOUR HANDS????? :) I love this are amazing....and so talented I must say. I can't wait to vistit you and stay for a month while you feed me all these wonderful things:):):) jk...xoxoxox your favorite, guess who???

Conn said...