Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Well I was supposed to be working tonight, but John and I just watched CRAFT AMERICA ON PBS and were mesmerized, awed and moved by the 3 part series. After 3 hours of no blinking and mouths agape there is no way to really single out any one artist that was profiled as to who would be our favorite, but when furniture designer Sam Maloof numbered and signed his name with a wood burner to the bottom of a chair, we were nearly moved to tears. It was truly amazing to see the emotion of his staff as they sat and watched with admiration. It makes us a bit envious of all these artists and their dedication to all things handmade.
Really... all I can say is that you must, must, must try to catch this series. It will make you want to create something with your hands.

Here are a few of my favorite images from the series.
Fiddleback maple with cherry inlay occasional chair.

Mary Jackson, Cobra Basket.

Jan Yager, The Tiara of Useful Knowledge, 2006.

Melissa Banks with a quilt top she made.


Derek said...

We totally watched that too!
And I nearly cried during the woodburning scene too!
So great.

baffle said...


Unless you have HD (we don't), our local PBS station has limited showings, but there's one starting in about 45 minutes!

The photos on your post are already pretty darned inspiring!