Saturday, May 05, 2007


With the guest roster filling up, we decided it would be best to put up a curtain on the small window in the bathroom that faces our lanai. I made this one out of white linen and stretched it between 2 tension rods... one on top and one on bottom. I thought the plain white panel was a little blah, so I wandered around the yard and found an monstera leaf, maile-scented fern (the upermost leaf) and another fern I have not identified yet. I painted each leaf with white silkscreen paint then pressed them onto the face of the curtain. The pattern is a bit mre pronounced than I expected, but I really love it. I also love the way it is equally as nice from the outside. Next project... the fabric I bought for the digning chairs is now going to be the new sofa covering. The dining chairs are now going to be a cardboard colored linen that I have had for years. I think it will suit the chairs better than the barkcloth. I am thinking about doing a single gold monstera leaf print on the seat... but I'm not sure yet. Stay tuned.

From outside at night.


Unknown said...

INSANELY beautiful, especially at night. What a great technique! And what do MEAN your guest roster is filling up? Ahhh... to be so popular. We will have to do something rather adult like check oour calendars soon!

Lauren said...

You guys are amazing! Can't believe you made that, and with plants that you found on your property, no less.

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful. you should be in creative design. ha!It really is great.

baffle said...

So so lovely!
What fantastic leaves!
I am wowie-zowie'd.

Anonymous said...

oh I love it! brilliant idea and even more brilliantly executed. its gorgeous. and I love the idea of a single gold leaf on each dining chair.