Saturday, May 26, 2007


What a busy 2 weeks we have had. My mom and grandma are coming in next week so we have been working really hard to "stage" the house for their visit. I finally got the Thonet dining room chairs recovered. I used tan linen and pressed a different leaf onto the seat of each cushion in gold silkscreen ink. John stripped and stained the legs. They came out beautiful. I also finished the sofa recover. I originally bought this fabric for the chairs, but something felt wrong about it. So I went back and bought more and used it on the sofa, which I think looks amazing. We also got our 2nd polka dot Todd Oldham by La-Z-Boy chair (now we have his and his chairs) delivered this week which completed the whole look and feel. Well..... actually it was the new paint that rounded everything out. John finished all the painting yesterday while I ran errands in town. We painted select walls a pale yellow called White Corn and all cieling, doors and trim are white. We wanted to keep it bright withought going BRIGHT or all white. the White Corn is really calming. I also hung new white curtains on a bamboo rod in the doorway from the kitchen to the living/dining room. That way when we have guests stay over... the sofa pulls out into a queen size bed... there will be a bit of privacy for them. Besides, I love the way the blow back and forth with the breeze. The curtain for the bedroom closet was hemmed, the bedskirt was hemmed and the kitchen window curtain was hemmed. I was really happy to put the sewing machine away. We also got a trio of orange and white cieling lights hung in the living room. PRETTY.
Alright... off to plant along the fence. Watch for the post of that transformation soon.

I also did a guest blog entry over at the TODD OLDHAM STUDIO BLOG about the dining room chairs. It's a combo about the history of bent wood and the DIY recover of the chairs. Check it out.

View from the kitchen entrance into living/dining rooms.

The dining table and chairs with curtain to kitchen.

The sofa and new Todd Oldham by La-Z-Boy chair.

Sofa detail. there was no fabric anywhere that was wide enough to cover the cushions in one piece so I had to seam it down the middle. Not bad on matching the center seam I must say.


Parnell Corder said...

OMG!!! Genius!! Rock On Decorating Duo!!!

baffle said...

What seam?
With your sewing expertise, there is no seam whatsoever,

The HOME looks lovely, relaxing and inviting.
Watch out! Your guests will never ever want to leave!

Unknown said...

Good luck getting rid of Nancy and grandma! Who would want to leave this fantastic place. You two give a new definition to AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Everything looks beautiful!You both are so gifted. Love to see ya! Have a great time with your mom and grandma. Love Joan

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful!!! How exciting that your mom and grandma are coming to visit!! Tell them both I said hi. love ya! janet

Unknown said...

Hi Conn,
I like the chairs, lots. Question though: are the chair backs two separate re-upholstered pieces or one? I have some chairs to re-do too and am curious as to the method used to attach front and back fabric, and piping, on a one piece back. If you have the time, I'd love some detail or a pointer to a how-to.

Thanks, Mark