Monday, June 11, 2007



It is with great sadness I report that atrist extraordinaire Charley Harper has passed away at the age of 84 yesterday. I had the great honor of meeting and working with Charley in his Cincinnati studio in 2005. I remember filing away his illustrations with co-worker Lauren Smith. We had no idea that Charley could hear us as he sat outside the studio... he thought we were so funny as we would unearth a new painting and gasp in amazement. Every so often we would go out with a piece and ask him about it. The story behind it was always magical. He got a kick out of us that day as we did with him. We were there with Todd Oldham to begin work on the book - Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life.

Eddie, Brett and Charley at their home in 2005.
photo: Todd Oldham

We also found out that day Charley had started the "LADYBUGS WILL SAVE THE WORLD" crusade and was always recieving ladybug themed gifts from people all around the world. Another day he came to visit us at the Todd Oldham Studio where we had a lunch for him. We sat around listening to stories and had him sign all of our books. He too got a kick out of that... all the fawning over him. He never seemed to know just how important he and his work was. He did it all for fun. I am proud and thrilled to be the owner of 17 prints by Charley and 2 by Brett. Everyday I look at them is a treat. Thanks for the enchanting beauty that you created Charley.

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Lauren said...

Conn, I remember that day! Going through those stacks and stacks of original artwork with you was such a treat. It seemed like every other piece we picked up would make us scream with delight. Thanks for sharing those memories of Charley. We will miss him!