Saturday, June 09, 2007


The postings have been few as it's been a busy week with mom and grandma on island. John and I have been playing both tourists and tour guide. A few days after they arrived we went to the West Maui Mountains, 'Iao Valley specifically. Here are a few pics at and of 'Iao Needle.

Here is grandma taking in the view from a lookout of the image below.

Just the other day we made our way to the summit of Haleakala on the East side of the island. Along the drive we travelled trough clouds, a pine forrest, and scrub before reaching the 10,023 foot summit. And we even got grandma out of the car and to the rim of the crater. Since we went around lunchtime there was only a little chill because of the wind, but not nearly as bad as if we had gone for sunrise or sunset.

You can make out the Big Island in the background just to the right.
The clouds rolling by.

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Lauren said...

Fun! You guys are such great hosts.