Monday, June 18, 2007


At 7:30 AM last Friday morning, John, Mom and I hit the Road to Hana. It took us about 2 hours to drive to Hana Bay and then another 30 minutes further to Kipahulu... about 45 miles one way from our house. In all there are said to be 617 curves and 56 one lane bridges. The further East you go the more waterfalls you are likely to see at one of the bridges. I find the best time to go is on a really rainy day because that way most of the falls will really be flowing. At Kipahulu we hiked for 2 1/2 hours on the Pipiwai Trail past various waterfalls on our way to the back of the valley for the main attraction - WAIMOKU FALLS - which plunges over 400 feet to a pool below then heads downstream to Makahiku Falls then 7 Sacred Pools before finally emptying into the ocean. The second half of the trail is through a dense bamboo forrest which makes it pretty dark. The bamboo towers about 50 feet above your head. It was really fun since it was raining and we barely got wet walking through the bamboo. Once we hit Waimoku Falls... that was another story. This was the heaviest flow John and I had witnessed here out of our 5 trips to this spot... yes it's so good we had to come 5 times and plan on going back for more. We were drenched from the spray. The worst part of the trip is the drive back on the long and winding road... it took me 2 hours longer than I had expected for the entire trip and we ended up back home around 6:00 PM.

A bridge and Wailuaiki waterfall on the Road to Hana.
Mom at a popular waterfall near Hana.
Mom and me at Oheo Gulch (aka 7 Sacred Pools - which are actually more like 11 and not at all sacred).
Makahiku Falls.
Mom and John at a mystery fall on the Pipiwai Trail.
The Bamboo portion of the hike.
A view from the road on the way back home. Notice the small black spot in the center top of photo... that is a hand glider. We did not even notice it until we looked at the pics when we got home.Talk about a view.

Mom having "shower" at Waimoku Falls.

Makahiku Falls.

Makahiku Falls / Infinity Pool from the top.


baffle said...

I LUV 'Mom at the Falls!'
Awesome rush of waters everywhere.
You all look tan and healthy and fit.

The GOOD Life!

Unknown said...

No wonder everyone is going to visit is an adventure just reading about your life! I can't believe you got Nancy to go are magical:)