Monday, June 18, 2007


I came across this circa 1974 coloring book a while ago in my parents attic (I stashed a lot of stuff from my childhood up there-thanks mom and dad!) I LOVED this book. Johnny Horizon was like a mentor. What a great message it conveyed about keeping our environment litter free and being mindful of our impact on it. It's so simple yet people still throw crap out of their car windows and loose trash on the curb instead of making sure it's in a secure trash bag or bin. Unfortunately, Johnny didn't fare as well as his contemporaries, Smokey the Bear and Woodsy Owl. Anyway, I thought I'd share some of the better pages with you. And here's a link to Gerald Ford's
Johnny Horizon 1974 proclamation

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baffle said...

These are GREAT!

I like the emphasis on the coloring of the shoes on the top pic.

As a kid, whenever I got a new Barbie coloring book, I always but always colored the lips RED on every page - first thing!