Thursday, July 05, 2007


Conn says I'm stretching the idea of the ORANGE theme by posting about our header graphic but I felt it was necessary to point it out since it is new. And technically, it's orange. The Cuckoo For Coconuts type treatment was inspired by the original 1950s logo for Waikiki's International Market Place. I sketched it first to plan the layout and ligature connections and then crafted it in Adobe Illustrator. I had to make up some of the letters from scratch. The IMP logo is featured in a book called Leis, Luaus and Alohas: The Lure of Hawaii in the Fifties.


baffle said...

The new header ~ so fun, great eye-catching colors and design (but of course, you guys did it!).

It reminds me of 'Hawaiian Eye'(50's -60's tv show, do you know it?).

Glad you posted about the header - I was excited about it, and trying to find the right place to comment/compliment on the new look!

John said...

thanks so much B! Yes, Hawaiian Eye was the best! We caught it on reruns. Love the theme song. Soooo cool.