Sunday, July 01, 2007


WELCOME TO JULY! Can you believe we are past the half way mark of 2007!?
This month we are going to TRY to devote most of our postings to the color ORANGE. In fact, after months of tossing ideas around we have finally named our house (as most people here do) to reflect our love for the color. Here are a few pictures of the exterior of the house before and after our front door was painted ORANGE. The name of the house is Haleaka'alani Puka Komo and here is a breakdown of what it means.
Hale: House
a: of
ka: the
'alani: Orange
Puka Komo: Door

Simply put it all together and it means House of the Orange Door. Real clever right? Well it works. We hope to paint the rest of the exterior soon... more of a greenish gold rather than the dirt color it is now. Something to blend into the plants and trees. Baby steps... one project at a time.

The doors in their original state.
After being primed... better.
AH... now that's more like it.


Parnell Corder said...

Orange IS the new black. You-are- FABULOUS.

baffle said...

I LUV when people name their homes! They do that in England too.
I visited a woman whose home was named 'Squirrel Nutkin' (a la Beatrix Potter book). She even had the book on a small entryway table, so everyone who wanted to could 'reference' it.

Indeed - the house was a little thatched roof number in the Surrey countryside.
Not a squirrel in sight, though.
Perhaps because there were real live huge bunnies hoppin' round the yard...

I ADORE your Home of the Orange Door. Great job!
Can hardly wait to see more pix of the interior!

Anonymous said...

Aloha e Conn and John!

I found you from Hapa|Hale and am a huge, huge fan of your blog and reading about Kekoa. I used to live in Pukalani and I get a huge happy lump in my heart to read your stories and see recipes and recognize photos and generally be reminded of how stunning it is there. Anyway, I've been taking an `Olelo Hawai`i class and for "extra credit" I translated your meaning and found that "House with the Orange Door" is simply: Hale o Ka Puka  ĽAlani. or Hale o Ka Puka Komo `Alani. The color is supposed to come after the word it is describing. Puka Komo means more of a doorway rather than a door. Though Puka means both door and doorway. Either either.

Mahalo for sharing your talents and stories for those of us who live so far away AND love great design.

Conn said...

Aloha Amy...
Many Mahalo's for the translation. We knew we were off a bit and are so happy to have the proper name. So glad you like visiting CFC and that we were able to help you with extra credit! Kekoa is doing well.. although it has been 2 days since we have seen him. He does the disappearing act from time to time.

Looking forward to posting about the translation soon. Come back soon.