Monday, July 30, 2007


Closing our orange-theme month is a 2-item post because we gotta cram as much in as we can to make up for lost time! This first image is not a sunrise or sunset but the MOON rise. Last night we went on a short northeastward hike to a nearby hill overlooking the ocean. We plopped down on the soft grass and waited for the spectacular display. Wow. It was difficult to hold the camera steady in the constant wind, Conn tried his best. The other pic was shot later, from our yard, out of the wind. Any tips on shooting the moon would be most appreciated.

This image essentially symbolizes what we have been struggling with this month. Choosing materials for a total kitchen remodel, though we have chosen the paint color already, like I said, it's "symbolic." And with that of course, comes the overall grand scheme for the entire house. Ugh. Seemingly endless trips into town, swatches in tow, pounding the pavement (tile or hardwood?) trying to find that perfect something that will end this mentally exhausting process. And that's only the choosing and shopping, we haven't even gotten to demo and installation yet! I have limited patience when it comes to this stuff, I just want a decision made and then move on. But decision don't come easy when these blurry images in my head of wondering what the Tambora solid surface counter top will look like when paired with the Extrema porcelain tile is making my brain hurt...and we all know that it will never look the way you pictured it in your mind. It's like clothes, they always look different when you try them on at home. I will leave you with a great link to the Dupont website where you can customize all the major kitchen elements. Go to the "My Room Designer" link toward the bottom of the page.

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Lauren said...

Your kitchen redo sounds like fun! I know it will turn out great.