Saturday, July 21, 2007


Here is a glimpse of what we woke up to around 7:00 this morning as Tropical Depression Cosme passed by the Hawaiian Islands. I combined these 2 clips that I took one after the other. Notice how quickly the wind and rain just die down. This is pretty much what it was like all morning then the sun came out around lunchtime. Heck we even got our batteries charged up to a full 100%. Tonight is now more of the same rain. It's kind of nice as we have been able to take a break from yard work. And for those of you who noticed, yes that is a Skull & Crossbones flag hanging on the lanai. Why? It keeps the birds form eating the entire bunch of bananas. Don't feel too bad for the birds... we do tear off a fresh banana or two everyday and lay it on the railing for them.

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