Tuesday, August 14, 2007


This morning all is going well. It's windy but not terrible. Slept like a log last night so I think was
pretty calm all night. I don't even think it rain more than a few minutes, since one of the buckets I catch water in was dry.

I took a walk up to the hill behind our house this morning to see what it looked like out there on the open waters. Not too bad, but the storm is to the south of us right now and this shot is facing Northeast. You can see just where we are located in the detail shot.

And on top of it all, the Big Island got hit with a 5.4 earthquake last night around 7:30 PM.

Hurricane Flossie continues to weaken as it approaches the Hawaiian Islands. Its peak winds are now down to 110 miles per hour, making Flossie a category 2 hurricane, down from a category 4 yesterday morning. However, it remains a dangerous storm. After a weakening trend last night, Flossie has maintained it's intensity over the past several hours. No eye has been visible on satellite data for several hours... however some data still show a partial eyewall open to the southeast. I believe that is good and means that the eye is breaking down. Fingers crossed.

Here are 3 of the latest radar and satellite images.
Stay tuned for more updates.

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Lauren said...

hurricanes, earthquakes?? yikes! hope you guys are ok out there!