Saturday, August 25, 2007


We went to the Door of Faith Church this morning for what we thought was a plant sale. Upon arrival we discovered that it was called a Taste of Aloha. We signed in at the front entrance tables and were handed a packet of 5 tickets for trade once past the entrance. Everything was free. There was a baked goods booth, where we stopped at first. For 1 pink ticket you were allowed your choice of 2 items. YAY!!! Breakfast. The OOHEY GOOEY BARS were beyond fabulous. But where were the plants? We headed into the rummage sale booth where for 1 yellow ticket you were allowed to take any 7 items... for free! That is where I spotted this wooden IKEBANA vessel complete with copper well and metal FLORAL FROG.
I whipped up this small arrangement as soon as we got home.

I spotted it from across the room and as I approached the table where it sat, I scanned the room for anyone else who might have spotted it as well. I needed to determine how fast I needed to react. Whew.. the 2 children in the room had no desire for my prize. So I picked it up and traded it for my 1 yellow ticket, and I was once again reminded that I could take up to 7 items. We looked over a few books but settled on only taking the vessel. I do believe it found the perfect home and had we not shown up... I really doubt anyone would have taken it. I bet whoever put it in the rummage booth thought... "This will never go, but I'll put it in there anyway".
John traded his blue ticket for a shave ice after that. Still no plants, so we stopped by the entrance and made a donation for our newest acquisition where the loveliest of ladies did their best to make sure we came back later to use our remaining tickets for lunch. We never made it back.

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