Friday, August 31, 2007


Damn you Flickr! What a time waster it can be as I recently found out, but oh what fun things to waste time on. Since it's a holiday weekend maybe all you folks out there might have a few spare hours to check out these retro sets:

Mary Blair (Disney illustrator extraordinaire) This is small set of her work but a lot of it I have never seen before.

Krazy Kids (Amazing collection of vintage kids product packaging-I loved Garbage Can-dy!)

1975 Sears Wishbook (I had the Green Apple table featured here)

Seeing these Wishbook pages reminded me of this silly game my cousin Anna and I used to play as kids when we were super bored. We'd leaf through the toys section of the catalog and slap our hands down on a page, which of course meant that we'd get all the stuff on that page.. Whomever had the fastest eye-hand coordination got the best toys, so she always won. And she recently enjoyed her 37th birthday on Sunday. Happy Birthday!


m.e.m. said...

Thanks for sharing john! I assume you already have this book about her work...

John said...

Thank for the tip Mary. But of course we have that book already silly! Signed by the author no less. ; )