Friday, August 17, 2007


The other day John and I were going about our individual tasks and chores not knowing the other was thinking the exact same thought... "I smell french fries". I took a walk around the grounds and found out that the smell of french fry grease was coming from our Paperbark Eucalyptus. I came back to the house for the camera and John made the comment about how the tree smelled like french fries. We both laughed about how we had been thinking that same thought all afternoon and had not said anything to one another about it. It not only smells like french fry grease, but sometimes like burnt honey. Not bad really, but not great either. The strange thing about it is that the tree is about 150 feet from the house, but you would swear it was right outside the window. Smelly as it may be... we love the tree. Here are some detail shots of the smelly old thing.

The layers and layers of soft papery bark.

Thousands of pods just waiting to burst open and release their stank.

After the pods have opened the tree comes alive with bee's swarming around white flowers that look like bottle brushes.

Flower close-up. Can you believe all those little bristly unfurl from those tight little buds?

Despite their airy appearance, the flowers area actually quite dense and heavy.

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