Monday, September 03, 2007


Now that we are living off the grid here on our wonderful slice of paradise, we find ourselves watching and reading anything that has to do with living green... as in making smart choices for the environment not the color. One of the guilty pleasures is watching LIVING WITH ED on HGTV. Not only is it informative but really funny.

Ed Begley and his wife Rachelle are a crack up together. Her use of curling irons and long 285 gallon showers really gets Ed going but they are the perfect comedic couple. Then there is their nosey geeky neighbor BILL NYE who is always trying to one-up Ed with the latest green gadget.

Here is a brief description of a scene from the first episode... a bit TOO extreme for me.

Living with Ed usually starts early. He pops out of bed way before Rachelle and is always full of energy. In order for Ed to make toast for breakfast, he hops on a stationary bike. Unlike an ordinary exercise machine, this one is hooked up to the batteries that run the house. By pedaling he can make energy to run his toaster. By biking for 10 minutes, Ed creates enough energy to make two pieces of toast. After hitting the correct amount of wattage, Ed can enjoy his toast knowing he earned it.

On tonight's episode they visited Jackson Browne's house where he and his family live totally off the grid. His wife points out the toaster and says "We can make toast but we don't have to ride a bike to do it. She then proceeds to burn the toast and exclaims "See, energy to burn". I have to say that I was jealous of that house. What else to say???? Try to catch an episode and entertain yourself. Or click HERE to read a really funny article about the show.


Magda said...

thanks for the tip on LIVING w/ED. I just tivo'd it. I love green tips. As it is I am proud of not wasting water. I don't flush after I waz. In fact I will pee at least 3 times before i flush. Usually the permeating ammonia brings me to the verge of passing out so then I have no choic but to flush.

John said...

hey thanks for the tip maggie. it's prolly best summed up by our 70's predecessors, "If it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down!" Far out man.