Sunday, October 07, 2007


The kitchen re-model is moving along quite nicely and we are hoping to be done by Thursday with the major renovations. John and I installed the tile flooring yesterday and it is GORGEOUS! We had hoped it would go in on Tuesday, but due to a few small unexpected issues we were delayed. We found that there was a good deal of glue used on the floors to hold the plywood in place that had to be chiseled off and even stripped in one section. Upon taking out the lower cabinets, we discovered that they had been glued along the back to the wall, which destroyed a few sections of drywall that needed to be replaced. We also moved (with the help of John's dad) 1 electric outlet so that it is now on the outside of the house (good for the pressure washer), re-located another inside, replaced and re-wired the phone outlet and added a new outlet and circuit breaker dedicated to the fridge. Tomorrow we add the grout to the flooring and pick up the counter tops. Hopefully we can get the wall cabinets in on Tuesday and the base cabinets and counters in on Wednesday with final touches Thursday. The new appliances are due on Thursday as well. Here are a some images of the process. We will post before and afters soon!

Out with the old...

And in with the new. The patched sections behind the old base cabinets.

Patched and filled. Ready for the tile back splash and new cabinets.

The tools of the trade and the selecting of the tile placement.

Mixing of the thinset mortar for the floor tiles.

Laying of the tiles. We opted for a brick pattern to match the back splash mosaic tiles.

Scoring and snapping the tiles.

We took the molding trim off from around the pass through and replaced it with a bullnose edge.

After the walls were patched, we had to add a "Knockdown" texture to match the existing texture. It hides a multitude of flaws.

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baffle said...

For some weird (Blogger?) reason, I'm not able to load the photos this morn (will try again later).

Your descriptions suffice, however - and it all sounds so amazing! I trust you're taking the 'Conn & John Extra Special Care' in design aesthetics and perfection of execution.

It will be BEAUTIFUL and a luxury to prep food and entertain in!
(For lack of anything ever getting done here at my house, may I - live - vicariously - through the excitement of your kitchen redo?)