Saturday, October 27, 2007


As much as I don't really like having a roll of paper towels sitting on the counter, I dislike one hanging from under it even more. Truth is, we really can't function in the kitchen without one.
So I set out on a search last week and thought I would return home empty handed. I bought a regular old standing model with a wooden base that I knew I would not be happy with but it was all I could find (it is being returned). Then I ran into ROSS where I found THE PERFECT paper towel holder. It's made by Kamenstein and can be found anywhere from Linens N' Things, Amazon, Target Pfaltzgraph or a slew of other places. The great thing about this one is that it has a special ratchet-action design with 4 wire holders, much like a paint roller which allows you to pull off paper towels with one hand. Best of all, the ratchet action prevents the holder from falling over, spinning wildly and the towels from unraveling. If you are going to have a paper towel holder, THIS IS THE ONE! They even sell a version that you mount under the cabinet, but I like this free standing one that you can move to wherever you need it... or better yet, store it away.

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