Sunday, October 28, 2007


I thought it might be interesting to post a bunch of disparate shots from the cell phone as a recap of the past few months.

Waianapanapa State Park, Hana The linear arrangement of smooth rocks is not a coincidence. It's a small segment of a path that at one time circled the entire island and was traversed only by the ali'i (royalty), everyone else had to walk on the dirt or sharp a'a (jagged lava rock).

On the road Me either fighting sleep or nausea on another backseat ride from Hana. Whoo-hoo...pass the dramamine!

Waihee, West Maui Mountains We stopped here at the Waihee Ridge trailhead with Mom and Dad to treat them to some stunning views of cane fields on the slopes of Haleakala.

Kmart, Kahului It was the only pink one in the entire display...what's up with that. And I didn't turn it so it would face me. We just turned the corner and there it was..."hi, i'm pink!"

Baldwin Beach, Paia An unusually calm day at a primarily windy beach

Puunene, Maui My search for Maui Friends of the Library bookstore took me through the ghost town that was once a thriving community centered around the still functioning sugar mill. I had to snap a pic of the desolate surroundings which are best summed up in this one of the old church...It's VERY windy here. I expected to see tumbleweeds. Got red dust instead. Truly beautiful.

Claremont, New Jersey My dear friends Chrystine and Eddie brought a new life into the world named Stephen this past June. Thanks to pic messaging, I get to feel like I'm there after Chrystine fills me in 0n all the baby happenings. She snapped this pic of herself and the bean.

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