Saturday, October 20, 2007


(sneak peek)
Sorry we have not posted in a week, but we have been hard at work on finishing the final details in the kitchen. Adding the cabinet handles, attaching base boards and kick plate, sealing the grout and making the open wall shelves. It's these little things that take so long. All is coming along and we will post finished pics soon. We still have to put up the tile back splash which will be another few days. The new appliances are amazing, but have only been able to use the top burners on the new stove, because we cannot adjust the oven burner ourselves. Sears is scheduled to come out and make the adjustment in 2 weeks. YES 2 WEEKS! I'm starving!!!
(not really... we us the gas grill most of the time, but i sure would love to make some banana bread or french fries)

Since we have neglected the yard work for the last 3 weeks, we are going to spend the weekend attacking the weeds that have begun to take over with all the rain we have had.
The above image is of a grass that is grows like a monster. You can't just pull it and leave a small piece in the ground... you have to get every single piece of it or it will take over everything. Although this looks nice on the brush pile, we have to keep it under control so that it does not choke out the other plants. We have not found anything that kills it yet. So this is our task today... there are 3 areas where we need to extract this from. This pile was not here a month and a half ago. Why don't the nice plants, the plants we want grow this fast?

(the sprawling lawn after 3 mowings)
The rain has also prevented me from mowing the lawn, so yesterday I took advantage of a full sun filled day and had to mow the lawn 3 times because it was so tall and thick... once on level 6, once on level 4 (my usual level) and once on level 5 to mulch it and blow it all around... no raking this time. I would not have it any other way, but owning 2 acres is a lot of work! Ok... of to slather ourselves up in sunscreen and get to pullin'.

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Cant wait for more Kitch Pix. Loves the counter top bull nose edge! Mowin' Madness!