Wednesday, November 28, 2007


... There will be no sunset tonight. For those of you on the right... enjoy. Today was one of those strange weather days for me... rain all day long with no sight of the sun until right at sunset. And what a sunset it was... I love the sharp line creating a dramatic contrast. It was cold today... yes cold... well cold for me at 64 degrees. Socks, long pants and sleeves with most windows closed. Just before sunset John and I tromped around the yard and garden when I discovered that our orchid had finally bloomed. How could I have not even known that it had buds? I mean I check it religiously (apparently not as religiously as I think). We have had many orchids and they have all produced more leaves than I thought possible by a plant but never a single bloom. This is the first orchid to ever bloom for us. A milestone! It is a rather large, sprawling plant situated atop a large boulder in our GULCH. Yes we have a gulch. Legend has it that back in the day when this was nothing but pineapple fields, all the boulders gathered when the fields were turned under got pushed down into our gulch.

Any ideas as to the name of this little guy before I start flipping through orchid book after orchid book? ...Parnell?


Anonymous said...

HI guys! You have a rather fabulous Epidendrum schomburgkii hybrid. Lovely plant! You can separate it out and make bushes/hedges of it. I'll do a little research for what it needs to bloom. It should be constantly blooming when it's that size and in Hawaii! Love ya both!

Anonymous said...

Oops - Epidendrum radicans. My bad. Smaller clusters of flowers on the radicans.

Conn said...

Aloha and thanks for the info Heather.
Sadly this one is just now in bloom and we have been here going on 9 months. I wish it were in bloom all year. We'll keep you posted as to how long the blooms appear.

Anonymous said...

Darn, They Beat me to it!! It looks great. I have them in Yellow, Pink, Purple and a Red color with a touch of orange center.

In pots and in the ground. Epidendrum will always astound.