Thursday, December 06, 2007


For those of you following the news of our unexpected storm yesterday, John and I are fine. The islands did take a bit of a beating with the news reports saying Maui was hardest hit. The areas worst off were those that rarely see the kinds of rain we do here on the North shore. The storm blew in from the South via the Kona winds and soaked the driest areas of the island. We did get LOTS of rain yesterday and some pretty high winds, but all in all it was rather calm at our house. Reports were that we were getting 4 inches of rain an hour. There were pools of water that formed here and there in the yard and drive. We did not experience any of the flash flooding or power outages that many of the other residents did. Of course our solar panels were not able to collect rays from the sun, but we turned on the generator and were good to go. The only problem was we lost our internet connection yesterday around noon and did not get that back until this morning. Our cell service was out all day yesterday and today until this evening. The storm has cleared out for the most part, but looks to be swinging back around and is passing back over Kauai tonight. We could see more in a day or 2.

Even though it may rain for an entire day, you can still count on a spectacular sunset. It's amazing how it always shows up rain or shine.

Haleakala National Park has been closed for 2 days because of wind gusts of 100 mph and it was just reported tonight that the summits of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea on the Big Island are under blizzard advisories. It is downright cold here tonight... long pj's, socks and hooded sweatshirts again with all our windows closed. It does make for cozy sleeping though. So for now we are fine.

Lots of other things to talk about, but too tired.
Friday night we are heading to MAMA'S FISH HOUSE to celebrate our 7 year anniversary (which is actually today, Thursday). Compliments of my mom. THANKS MOM... I'll have the Liliko'i Creme Brulee for you.


baffle said...

Thanks for the update.
I was just thinking of how most of us on the mainland are bundling up against chilly winter temps, whilst you and John there in the tropics might still be donning aloha shirt n'shorts.
Now I realize storms and a drop in temp are also part of your lifestyle. Always much to learn on the Cuckoo for Coco blog!

Continue to take good care, now....and...Happy Anni!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are safe and sound !!!! Happy Anniversary to you with many more Happy years to come !!!! Love You, Aunt Debbie

Derek said...

Happy Late Anniversary!
Jeeeeez Louise...7 years! Wow, that's so awesome!
Liliko'i Creme Brulee??? Wha????? Gotta add that to my LIST!

much love!