Wednesday, January 30, 2008


We woke up this morning around 8:00 AM by our neighbor banging on our door. We flew out of bed and when I saw him with a shovel in hand I knew it wasn't pretty. Thank god he came over because we were having a seasonal flash flood. It's been rather cold here so we had all windows and doors closed, therefore we did not even know it was raining. We had been told of the flood happening at least once a year around this time. It has been raining for about a week solid now and I knew it was coming. It rains so hard up the mountain and eventually has nowhere to go but to come spilling down towards us.

Water was within a foot of coming in the front door and the gulch was a white water filled gushing stream. There is a drain pipe under one segment of the driveway, but the pipe was doing little good with all the water that was rushing down. It had crested the drive and was close to washing out all the gravel. Other parts of the yard were giant pools of water. We dug out the gravel by the front of the house just in time so that the water drained away and toured the property snapping pics. I have to say... the stream was pretty cute when it calmed down... and the sound is really nice... the water trickling in small waterfalls. That was a lot to take in... cold and wet before our eyes were even open or coffee in out bellies.

All is fine for today... no damage... maybe a few lost plants and some gravel from the drive. We're just exhausted from the unknown...will it happen again? I'm hoping that was it.

Sit back and enjoy the show.

Within inches of creeping under the front door.

Cleaning out the drain pipe on the right side of the drive. As you can see the water is about 24" deep.

The right side of the drive. You can see where the water crested over the drive.

And again a few hours later.

Another shot a few hours later of the left side of the drive.

There is a reservoir under all that water... which is not doing very much to slow the water.

This is a small waterfall that is coming from the gutters on the house. It is also from all the water by the front door which gets channeled out under the deck.

Looking back toward the driveway from the gulch.
Now keep in mind, we have lived here for almost a year and have NEVER seen water run through here AT ALL.

The same scene last March.

Pushing debris along.

The view today and a view last March.

And a later shot from the opposite direction after the water went down.

Another view from the gulch after things died down a bit.

From the end of our drive, you can see where it exits our neighbors property and washes across the road.

I stepped on a patch of dirt and sank about 6".

Swimming anyone?
The large ditch we have in the very back corner of the property.
It is about 10' wide by 40' long and about 3' deep in spots. As you can see it is full and overflowing. It's a good thing this ditch is here as it helps retain a portion of water that would otherwise be gushing toward the house.

The retaining wall I built in order to help divert water from rushing to the house.
It's kinda working.

A view from the roof.


kr said...

All wet!!!

Lauren said...

holy moly! the fun never ends! hope you guys are drying out. it has been raining here too, but nothing like that...