Friday, January 18, 2008


Aloha... I'm sure some of you thought we had fallen off the blog-sphere, but we have just been hard at work on so many projects. We'll get into more on that later. The other day while taking a break I noticed that the Cup of Gold (Solandra maxima) is in bloom again. It is a tropical vine native to Mexico, brought to Hawai'i as an ornamental. It can grow up to 40 feet high and 200 feet wide. The thick yellow, leathery skinned flowers are 5 to 7 inches across and up to 9 inches deep with deep purple veins. They are heavily scented like coconut and are very intoxicating, especially in the evening and after a good rain. Cup of Gold is considered an invasive species here in Hawai'i so we try keep ours under control. A new plant can be propagated by carelessly tossing the cuttings onto a moist rubbish pile. It is best to let them dry out before throwing onto a moist mulch mound. When they are still closed, they remind me of a stuffed animal's plastic nose...
...and I leave you tonight with a good laugh!
Note: The entire plant is poisonous if eaten.

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