Friday, February 22, 2008


This just in... Since our last post we have accomplished a lot, yet very little.
It's always easier said than done... and you forget all the finishing details that are SO VERY IMPORTANT when doing any job like this. Tedious drawings of tile placement for the floor and the adjoining wall tiles were made so we would know where to cut the tiles before hand. If it was going to be a bad cut... start a new sketch. It's all a bit trickier since we are laying out a brick pattern. So we were hoping to be done today, but with the caucus and trips to Home Depot and a trip today to get a wet saw to cut the tiles for the shower, we are now looking at Sunday...with Monday being our day of fine tuning. It's really very exciting to see it take shape. Just having the floor in makes a world of difference. Here is a tally of where we are now

- The floor has been installed and grouted. I look like I've been grouted too.

- John is installing the shower floor right now... very tedious task of sloping the floor towards the drain.
- The tedious drawing of tile placement and cuts.

- The wonderboard has been installed on the shower walls and is awaiting tile.
- The wall tiles have been pre-arranged on the kitchen floor and numbered. No small feat as it took almost 4 hours for that....32 is too close in color to 33 and 4 is the same pattern as 5 and so on... Here is my scientific method of drawing them out on a box. Whatever works.

So while the thin set...sets tomorrow, we will paint and get the cabinet, counter and possibly the sink installed. Dare I hope for the back splash as well? Stay tuned.

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Parnell Corder said...

I love this, Its so exciting I can hardly stand it. It looks really great----so far.