Tuesday, February 19, 2008


As day 4 of the bathroom reno rolls around, we are making good progress but may have fallen a day behind schedule. Since the Hawai'i caucus is tonight and we MUST ATTEND, our work schedule is being cut short by several hours. It has also been quite dry here for the last 7 days, so we need to stop and water our cuttings and new seedlings as well as the garden more often than usual. These things cannot be neglected just because we want to finish a bathroom on time.
After ripping off all the trim around the pocket door and a few inches of drywall above, I discovered that the door could be saved. It had been installed in such a way that there was no way to adjust it without the near destruction of it. I re-framed it, adjusted it and saved the door. I also made it so that all you have to do is slide a monkey wrench in the top near the track to make future adjustments... and you see none of the mechanism at all. In my honest opinion it is so much better looking. All of the trim had to be sanded and trimmed of all the old excess paint which took about half the day. The pocket door was our first choice and we are thrilled we could save it, even if it meant re-framing the most of it.

Last night we finished up all the pipes and got those all soldered together. 21 new sections in all. You can see in the picture brown paper wrapped around each section. I did that when I went to bed, in case one of them was not tight and leaked. By using brown paper, I could tell which one was bad easier since the paper when it gets wet turns dark... darker than white paper or cloth would have. NO LEAKS.

The bench and shower lip.
Today there was a good deal of sanding of the wall patching as well as mapping out the tile pattern. John also got the shelves installed for the niche as well as the bench constructed.
The niche for shampoo and such will be the middle cube.it was slightly angled towards the camera so that water drains out of it.

More later... we're off to VOTE!!!

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