Monday, March 10, 2008


In case I failed to mention it... we are now on what I have tallied as our 27th day of NO RAIN! Well virtually no rain as we have had maybe 2 hours worth of drizzles on 3 days. After the 30+ days of rain and flooding in January and early February the ground was saturated and then dried up so fast it just began to crack everywhere. It is like someone flipped a switch. We do have a good deal of water, but if this keeps up it could get scary. We take extra steps in conserving water by flushing less. We save the water from rinsing the dishes and washing our hands then water the garden and plants with that at the end of the day. We have also put a bucket in the shower to catch water there and by doing that we collect about 2 gallons. Despite the lack of rain, there is still some beauty that is emerging while others dwindle.

The grass in the backyard.

The dry cracked once flowing with water gulch.

Iris and canna.

The orange tree.

The shower bucket and sneak peek of the shower.

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