Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Anyone who knows me knows that I have, perhaps, an unhealthy obsession with old magazines-mostly home, travel, and fashion mags-Esquire is chief among them. I have a bunch of issues ranging from the '50s & '60s. It was just the coolest men's magazine back in the day. In light of MoMA's upcoming show about famed ad man and Esquire art director/cover guru George Lois it seemed fitting to share this link with you. At the Esquire Cover Archive you can select a year from the dropdown menu and see all their spectacular vintage covers. These are just a few of my faves (not George Lois era but nice nonetheless--go and see his stuff too though, he writes a little background story for each one):

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dailydesignspot said...

wow.. beautiful finds.. i too have a bit of an obsession!! haha.. i think there could be worse things to obsess about!
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