Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Little Kekoa is growing up fast. In the 12 days we have had him he has more than doubled in size and has got brand new wings. He is able to lift himself off the ground now and manages to flit out of his corral now and then. I guess we better get that pheasant coop built. SOON.

Here is a pic of the day we found him and a few from today.


baffle said...

I have to say - Little Kekoa is SO CUTE! LOVE the pic of him sitting atop the head of one of his Mommies.

From your reports and the pix of LK thriving, it appears that you guys have been the bestest caretakers of that Sweetie Tweetie.

m.e.m. said...

I have to say this picture, "Bird Brains" with Kekoa on top of John's brain is sooooooooo funny!

hi guys! This makes me miss you guys more than EVER!